Green Cleaning Basics

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The markup on cleaning supplies has much to do with packaging and advertising. Otherwise, it costs very little to make a cleaning detergent. We can save by creating our own natural alternatives with simple, inexpensive household ingredients like vinegar, ammonia, baking soda and water.

For example, to make a window and glass cleaner, simply mix a half-cup of white vinegar, a quarter-cup of rubbing alcohol, and 3.5-cups of water. The total cost comes to just 50 cents. Compared to the $3 to $4 you’d spend on a similar product at the grocery store, this one home-made formula could save you more than $40 per year.

Major benefits of cleaning with essential oils:

  • Chemical-Free
  • Protects against seasonal discomfort
  • Decrease pathogens inside your home
  • Boost immunity
  • Kills Germs without adding any of the bad stuff
  • Reduces bugs and dust mites
  • They are more effective!

**IMPORTANT** Make sure when putting essential oils into a spray bottle that it is a glass spray bottle, preferably Amber Glass, because they are so good at cleaning they will eat right through your synthetic plastic spray bottles!

Tips and Warnings:

1)     Do not reuse spray bottles that have contained other chemicals

2)      Shake before each use to recombine ingredients

3)      Cheap olive oil works just as well as more expensive grades

4)      Smaller batches can be made, if you prefer to use fresh polish each time you dust – just maintain the ratio found in the recipes




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